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Wash Dry & Fold is a Wonderful Service!


  • You can use your time for more fun things like golfing, shopping and walking the dog.
  • Wash Dry & Fold bag holds up to 20 pounds and that's a lot of laundry.
  • Fill the bag with sheets, towels, clothes and anything you want washed, dried and folded.
  • We sort your laundry for you by wash and dry temperatures.
  • Your laundry is beautifully folded for you.
  • Our large washers are great for cleaning your comforters.
  • Save on electrical, water, sewer or gas expenses.
  • Decrease the wear and tear on your washer and dryer.
  • Our company uses recycled fuels and a production facility designed to use less utilities.
  • Our bulk purchase of detergents and supplies means less packaging all around.
  • And if you use a Laundromat or know anyone that does, this service gets even better.


The convenience of eliminating laundry day can't be beat!


1930 Auiki Street. Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
Phone: (808) 836-1661

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